Young School

The fourth Young School Contest for young scientists is happening at the Positive Hack Days forum again this year! Growing on previous success, participants from all over the world are invited to Moscow to test their skills in the competition. Submit papers and proposals to be in Moscow this spring!

Q: How to participate?

A: Submit the results of an applied research project.

Q: What is an evaluation procedure?

A: The contest is held in two rounds. Our program committee reviews and selects the papers/proposals submitted to decide on the second-stage participants. Finalists are invited to present their papers/proposals at Positive Hack Days on May 26 and 27. When all the papers/proposals are demonstrated, the top three places are decided.

Q: What support will organizers provide to finalists?

A: All finalists will receive support in the application for a Russian visa and additionally in transportation and accommodation during the conference.

Q: What will finalists and winners be awarded?

A: All Finalists will receive 2 complimentary guest tickets and the opportunity to demonstrate their work to a panel of top information security experts. Additionally the top three projects will receive a diploma and first prize is an Offensive Security Certificate by Metasploit Framework; (offensive-security.com/information-security-training).

Q: What are the requirements?

A: We are looking for applied research studies in the area of information security. Below is a list of key areas we will consider:

  • ERP system and business application security
  • Protecting organizations and their assets in the BYOD era
  • New types of vulnerabilities or new exploitation methods of well-known vulnerabilities
  • Crawling modern single-page applications
  • Preventing attacks on web applications
  • Practical threats in virtual corporate environments and clouds
  • Applied cryptography and attacks on it
  • Securing SCADA, industrial systems and modern cities
  • Securing RFID solutions, from banks to public toilets
  • Anonymity on the Internet and deanonimization methods

Authors should demonstrate the practical value of their research; the research methods should be described and substantiated. Papers and proposals should be submitted in English. You can present your research at other conferences but be sure it is not older than six months before PHDays.

Submissions should be depersonalized: the text should not include authors' names or their e-mail addresses or explicit references to other research they conducted. The abstracts format should be ACM/IEEE US Letter (those abstracts which are incompatible with the requirements, will be declined automatically).

For papers/proposals submitted as article abstracts:

  • Abstracts should discuss applied research and focus on the practical use of the tools or methods involved.
  • The applicability of an offered method or tool should be proved.

For papers/proposals submitted as experimental results:

  • The goal and procedure of an experiment should be specified. Methodology — a set of methods, rules, or ideas that are important in a science or art : a particular procedure or set of procedures.
  • Your work should include experimental results and their interpretation; early conclusions should be derived.

The data necessary for reproduction of the experiments or modeling conducted by the author must be included in the paper or proposal. Possible submissions of the second type (experimental results) could be: "Exposure of TOP-20 banks' mobile applications to Man-in-the-Middle attacks" or "Security header (HSTS, CSP, X-XSS-Protection, X-Frame-Options) support on popular websites".

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline 11:59 PM (UTC+3) on March 1, 2015. (extended deadline). Submissions should be sent by email to mailbox youngschool@phdays.com. Submitter should provide in email his name and affiliation and list his co-authors.

Acceptance notice deadline April 15, 2015.

Final abstracts and presentations deadline 11:59 PM (UTC+3) on May 15, 2015.

Report at the forum on May 26 or 27.

The contest related questions can be sent to: youngschool@phdays.com.


Young School
1st prize – Istvan Kiss (Romania)
2nd prize – Alina Trepacheva (Russia)
3rd prize – Yaroslav Shmelev and Boris Nagaev (Russia)