Why IT Security Is Fucked Up

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Author: Stefan Schumacher

IT security is in a miserable state. The problems have been discussed again and again without advancing IT security. The speaker will give an overview of what is wrong with IT security and security research; he will show why cryptosystems really fail, what psychology knows about security, and what IT Sec has to do if it ever wants to break through the current difficulties and start generating more security.

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Stefan Schumacher is the head of the Magdeburg Institute for Security Research currently running a research program on security psychology. He worked in the NetBSD project, has almost 15 years of experience as a conference speaker and trainer at such conferences as DeepSec, DeepIntel, AusCERT, Chaos Communication Congress, Chaos Communication Camp, CeBIT and the German Armed Forces and Intelligence Agencies. He is also the editor of the Magdeburg Journal of Security Research and some books about IT security.

Stefan Schumacher Stefan Schumacher

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