General Pr0ken File System

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Author: Felix Wilhelm

Co-author: Florian Grunow

The speakers will present a detailed overview of the IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS), its flaws, and architecture. The system is used in some of the world's biggest supercomputers (e.g., IBM's Watson), which makes it a prime target for attackers as not only the data stored is valuable, but also the machines running the GPFS are quite powerful. Besides, the speakers will walk through exploitation of two innocent-looking bugs.

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Felix Wilhelm and Florian Grunow are security researchers at ERNW, a German security company. They are interested in understanding and breaking all kinds of software and have presented their research at such international security conferences as INFILTRATE, PoC, Troopers, and Hack in the Box.

Felix Wilhelm Felix Wilhelm, Florian Grunow

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