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Tempesta FW — Open Source Anti-DDoS Web Accelerator

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Author: Alexander Krizhanovsky

Co-author: Andrey Karpov

The report is devoted to Tempesta FW, a hybrid solution that combines a reverse proxy and a firewall. It accelerates web applications and provides a high-performance framework with access to all network layers for running complex network traffic classification and blocking modules. It is an open-source project published under GPL v2. The speaker will show real case studies of the project implementation.

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Alexander Krizhanovsky is the founder of NatSys Lab., a company that creates network traffic processing and data storage systems. He is a lead programmer at Tempesta Technologies (a subsidiary of NatSys Lab.) and a system architect at both companies. Previously he developed high-performance software at IBM, Yandex and Parallels.

Alexander Krizhanovsky Alexander Krizhanovsky, Andrey Karpov

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