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Log Analysis Automation Through Elasticsearch

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Author: Vitaly Chetvertakov

Co-author: Kirill Semyonov

The report is devoted to analyzing and correlating large amounts of logs from a variety of information systems. The speakers will provide an example of a log analysis system used to detect malicious software within networks and demonstrate a solution that allows using indicators of compromise (IOC).

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Vitaly Chetvertakov is an anti-intrusion and computer forensics expert. He is keen on Python programming, developing web applications and automating the analysis of large amounts of data. He has been a speaker at various IS conferences.

Kirill Semyonov is an IS analyst. He is engaged in network attack security, investigates IS incidents and conducts research focused on the analysis of large amounts of data. He is interested in Python programming and penetration testing.

Vitaly Chetvertakov Vitaly Chetvertakov, Kirill Semyonov

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