Cyberspace in Outer Space

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Moderator: Aleksey Andreev

Development of the Internet and other communication systems brought space much closer. On the one hand, the progress ensured space discoveries by thousands of amateur researchers, but on the other hand, it left spaceships wide open to hacker attacks threatening to disrupt costly missions. This round table discussion will be dedicated to the development of space technology in the digital era.


  • Dmitry Pashkov — Amateur Radio for Space Communication
    The radio amateur from Mordovia will describe his experience of intercepting and handling space images and other curious data he managed to retrieve from satellites using homemade devices.
  • Vitaly Egorov — How the Internet Brings Space One Step Closer
    The review report focuses on scientific studies conducted through the Internet. Its author became famous after finding the Soviet station Mars 3 while studying the images from Mars probes.
  • Alexander Ilyin — Foreseeable Future for World’s Space Technology
    The co-owner of Lin Industrial and resident of the Skolkovo space cluster will talk about real and ideal plans for space research in a variety of countries.

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  • Russian

Alexey Andreev, also known as Lexa and Mersey Shelley, is a Russian IT journalist, former editor-in-chief of the Webplanet web portal and other network projects. Alexey is the author of the cyberpunk novels "The Web" and "2048", full of that contain detailed predictions about our technological future. He received Russian and Ukrainian awards in literature, won three international haiku competitions (Japan). He currently works at Positive Technologies.

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