Information Security Market: Novelties, Questions & Answers

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Moderator: Oleg Glebov

Leading participants of the IS market will introduce their products and solutions:

  • Oleg Glebov — Overview of Advanced Threats and Countermeasures
  • Aleksey Kiselev — Modern DDoS Attacks: Tendencies, Risks and Approaches to Security
  • Igor Lyapunov — From IS Products to Services. Distribution Evolution. Jet Infosystems
  • Yuri Sergeev, Head of Software Security — Sberbank-Technology Software Security Practice @ Sberbank Technology

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  • Russian

Oleg Glebov rose from a system administrator in a small IT company to a well-known information security expert. More than 100 articles in IT and IS magazines. A certified information security expert with fundamental security and cryptography knowledge has almost 6 years of active work with leading global vendors (HP, SUN, IBM, CheckPoint, Cisco, Wibu-Systems, and McAfee).

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