Hacking a Site on Adobe Experience Manager

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Author: Mikhail Egorov

The report is devoted to security testing of web applications based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The speaker will share his experience of searching and exploiting vulnerabilities he came across during his work (vulnerabilities that lead to sensitive data leakage, DoS attacks, XSS, XXE and even RCE) and demonstrate self-developed tools, which can help automate security testing of AEM-based web applications.

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Mikhail Egorov is an independent researcher and an information security expert at Odin (Parallels). He graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University in 2009 with a master's degree in information security. He has OSCP and CISSP certificates. Key interests — vulnerability search, fuzzing, reverse engineering, cryptography, web application and network security.

Mikhail Egorov Mikhail Egorov

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