Static Analysis of Source Code After 200 Open-Source Projects

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Author: Evgeny Ryzhkov

Co-author: Andrey Karpov

NDA often forbids releasing information about closed commercial projects, but open source can and should be discussed. Over the past few years, the speakers have analyzed hundreds of software projects — from zlib to Chromium — and are now ready to share this experience and reveal what mistakes are typical of open-source projects, whether closed code is better than open, whether coding standards should be complied with, and whether complex architectural errors are more difficult to find than misprints.

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Evgeny Ryzhkov is the general director of Program Verification Systems, a company that develops the PVS-Studio static code analyzer. He is the author of articles devoted to software system development and code analysis technologies. He defended a thesis on "Static code analysis for automated errors detection during software migration to 64-bit platforms".

Andrey Karpov is the technical director of Program Verification Systems and developer of source code static analyzers. He has worked for several years at the scientific center "CFD Software Group", where he has acquired exceptional experience in resource-intensive software development in the sphere of computational modeling and visualization. He is the creator of the Viva64 static analyzer and the PVS-Studio package.

Evgeny Ryzhkov Evgeny Ryzhkov, Andrey Karpov

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