SAP Security: Real-life Attacks on Business Processes

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Author: Ertunga Arsal

SAP applications build the business backbone of the largest organizations in the world. The speaker will show exploits that manipule a business process to extract money, critical payment information, and credit card data out of the business backbone. He will explain the attack vectors, and what effective measures you can take to prevent, detect and respond to them.

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Ertunga Arsal is the founder of ESNC, a company specialized in securing large enterprise SAP implementations. He is an active security researcher, and SAP released more than 80 security patches for the vulnerabilities he reported. He has been a speaker at many conferences, including Black Hat, Defcon, Chaos Communication Congress, DeepSec, SecT, and Hack.lu.

Ertunga Arsal Ertunga Arsal

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