Yet Another Shodan: Creating a Similar Search Engine

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Author: Igor Agievich

Co-author: Pavel Markov

The Shodan search engine has lately become very popular. It allows searching for various equipment connected to the Internet. The report is devoted to an alternative search engine with the same tasks. The speakers will explain how they decided to start such a project, describe the similarities and differences between Shodan and the new system, and show how they solved the development problems.

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In 2010, Igor Agievich graduated from the Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University (the department of Radio Engineering for Securing Information) becoming a Master of Engineering and Technology in the sphere of telecommunication (with specialization in Secure Telecommunication Systems). Has been a speaker at PHDays, Chaos Constructions, and Defcon Russia. Author of researches in information security. Published vulnerabilities found in Agnitum Outpost Security Suite, VirtualBox and vBulletin.

Pavel Markov is a software engineer at Radiomonitoring Technology (Saint Petersburg). He has been a speaker at PHDays for the last three years, prizewinner of the Critical Infrastructure Attack contest at PHDays IV.

Igor Agievich Igor Agievich, Pavel Markov

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