Practical Approaches to Automation of Reverse Engineering

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Author: Anton Dorfman

The report focuses on the author’s experience in creating a reverse engineering plugin based on IDAPython, which is capable of conducting primary automated code analysis and transferring results from the currently researched system to its other versions.

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Anton Dorfman is a researcher, reverser, assembly language fan, and PhD in Technical Sciences. He is interested in automating reverse engineering tasks. Anton was the third in the contest Best Reverser at PHDays 2012, presented a 4-hour long workshop on mastering shellcode at PHDays III and shared some ideas on data format reversing at Zero Nights 2013. He also covered the topic of reverse engineering automation technologies at PHDays IV and presented the results of his study in the report “FRODO: Format Reverser of Data Objects” at HITB 2014.

Anton Dorfman Anton Dorfman

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