Damn Vulnerable Chemical Process

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Author: Marina Krotofil

Attackers and researchers have shown numerous ways to compromise and control the digital systems involved in process control. When an attack transitions from control of a digital system to control of a physical process, physics and time become controlling factors instead of the digital rules encoded into a microcontroller. The report will take the audience through all the stages and details of designing and implementing such attacks and will illustrate the role of knowledge on physical processes and control system principles in designing full-fledged SCADA exploits.

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Marina Krotofil is a senior security consultant at European Network for Cyber Security. Most recently, she completed her doctoral degree in ICS security at Hamburg University of Technology, Germany, holds an MBA in Technology Management, MSc in Telecommunications, MSc in Information and Communication Systems. She is the author of the Damn Vulnerable Chemical Process framework – an open-source platform for cyber-physical security experimentation based on the realistic models of chemical plants. Marina has written more than a dozen of papers on the cyber-physical exploitation and defense and fundamentals of secure control.

Marina Krotofil Marina Krotofil

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