Fighting Payment Fraud Within Mobile Networks

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Author: Denis Gorchakov

Co-author: Nikolai Goncharov

The speakers will talk about a hardware-software system designed for Android virus analysis, as well as detection of botnet control centers (online and SMS) on infected devices, data collectors, and savings accounts. You will find about the system development, details of its operation and future.

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Denis Gorchakov is an IS expert at Alfa-Bank. Previously, he worked as an IS engineer at Positive Technologies and anti-fraud specialist at MTS (a Russian telecommunications group).

Nikolai Goncharov is a postgraduate student at the Department of Information Security at Moscow State Technical University and the chief information security specialist at MTS (a telecommunications group in Russia). Trained at SUNY. Lately, has been engaged in fraud and malware prevention in communication networks, forensics, and administering antifraud and SIEM solutions. Conducts research in this field to include in his Ph.D. thesis.

Denis Gorchakov Denis Gorchakov, Nikolai Goncharov

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