iOS Application Exploitation

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Author: Prateek Gianchandani

Co-author: Egor Tolstoy

This will be a hands-on introduction to exploiting iOS applications. The training will be based on using Damn Vulnerable iOS App to show the different kinds of vulnerabilities and to help developers secure their own applications.

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Prateek Gianchandani, an OWASP member and contributor, is currently working as an information security engineer for Emirates Airlines in Dubai. His core focus area is iOS application pentesting. He is also the author of Damn Vulnerable iOS App and runs a blog series on iOS application security.

Egor Tolstoy is a graduate of Information Security Faculty of Moscow Aviation Institute. Now he is an iOS software engineer in Rambler&Co. Besides primary activity he handles the security aspects of the developed systems and conducts penetration testing of different mobile applications.

Prateek Gianchandani Prateek Gianchandani, Egor Tolstoy

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