Social Engineering for Fun and Profit

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Author: Chris Hadnagy

The speaker will share his experience in creating competitions all around social engineering and will highlight some of the stories from the DEF CON SECTF over the past 5 years.

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Chris Hadnagy is the founder and CEO of Social-Engineer, Inc. Chris possesses over 16 years’ experience as a practitioner and researcher in the security field. His efforts in training, education, and awareness have helped to expose social engineering as the top threat to the security of organizations today. Chris established the world’s first social engineering framework at www.social-engineer.org, providing an invaluable repository of information for security professionals and enthusiasts. That site grew into a dynamic web resource including a podcast and newsletter, which has become staples in the security industry and is referenced by large organizations around the world. Chris also created the first hands-on social engineering training course and certification, Advanced Practical Social Engineering, attended by law enforcement, military, and private sector professionals.

Chris Hadnagy Chris Hadnagy

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