DGAs and Threat Intelligence

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Author: John Bambenek

This talk will focus on a research into Domain Generation Algorithms used in several malware families. By reverse engineering the DGA, it became possible to create near-time intelligence feeds used to monitor malicious networks and provide information required for network protection.

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John Bambenek is the chief forensic examiner for Bambenek Consulting and an incident handler with the Internet Storm Center. He has been engaged in security for 15 years researching security threats. He is a published author of several articles, book chapters and one book. He has contributed to IT security courses and certification exams covering such subjects as penetration testing, reverse engineering malware, forensics, and network security. He has participated in many incident investigations spanning the globe. He speaks at conferences around the world and runs several private intelligence groups focusing on takedowns and disruption of criminal entities.

John Bambenek John Bambenek

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