RFID/NFC for the Masses

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Author: Nahuel Grisolía

The workshop covers both the Low Frequency band (mainly used for individual physical access to buildings, garages, hotels, etc.) and the High Frequency band, where NFC is the main term we are going to discuss. Mobile payment, Paypass, Paywave and NFC USIM are out there too. This workshop will provide you with all the tools, materials, and references for further study and research.

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Nahuel Grisolía is an information security professional from Argentina, where he runs his own company called Cinta Infinita. He is specialized in web application penetration testing and hardware hacking. He loves playing with Arduino’s, ARM-based hardware devices, Tamagotchis, Quadcopters, Lasers, etc. He has delivered trainings and talks at a couple of conferences around the world: BugCON (Mexico), H2HC (Brazil), Ekoparty (Argentina), OWASP events (Argentina), TROOPERS (Germany), PHDays (Russia), Ground Zero Summit (India), etc. He has discovered vulnerabilities in software from McAfee, VMware, Manage Engine, Oracle, Websense, Google, Twitter, as well as in free software projects like Achievo, Cacti, OSSIM, Dolibarr, and osTicket.

Nahuel Grisolía Nahuel Grisolía

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