The Author of John the Ripper Will Speak at PHDays 2012

  • April 25, 2012

    In 1996, Alexander Peslyak (aka Solar Designer) created a program called John the Ripper. This cross-platform utility designed to analyze password strength has become one of the top 10 popular software in the field of information security, while the program's site has been visited by 15 million people.

    Besides, Alexander is a founder of the Openwall project and a leading developer of Openwall GNU/Linux (Owl) a highly secured operating system.

    Alexander Peslyak is considered the greatest brute-force specialist ever since Ali Baba and Abu Yusuf al-Kindi. In 2007, such projects as phpBB 3, WordPress, and Drupal accepted the password security improvements he had developed.

    In 2009, Alexander was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at Black Hat, a highly recognized conference on information security.

    At PHDays 2012, the master of bruteforce will present his report titled Password security: past, present, future. In his presentation, he will discuss issues of password protection and speak of history and near-term prospects of the authentication technology.

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