The first reports on PHDays 2012 have been determined

  • March 6, 2012

    Can you trust passwords on your iPhone or iPad?

    Dmitry Skliarov, in his reports "Secure Password Managers" and "Military-Grade Encryption for smartphones: Is it really serious?" presents the results of the analysis of several programs to protect passwords and data for the Apple iOS. Dmitry is Information Security Analyst at ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. and assistant professor of "Information Security" of MSTU Bauman.

    Security of mobile communications. Hacking GSM and GRPS

    Sylvain Munaut, developer of the project OsmocomBB, tells how GSM and GRPS are hacked in his report "Abusing Calypso phones."

    Attacking through the mouse and keyboard? It's a reality

    The famous Indian hacker Nikhil Mittal, creator of the framework Kautilya, conducts a master class "Creating havoc using a Human Interface Device." The main theme of the report is how easy it is to hack a computer using devices that present themselves as a mouse, keyboard, etc.

    Information Security in the U.S.

    Michael Utin in the report "Analysis of US Laws and Regulations Protecting Personal Information - What Is Wrong and How to Fix It" will tell how activities in the field of information security are regulated in the United States. Michael has a Master's in Computer Science with 20 years' experience in IT and 10 years' experience in the field of information security.

    Payment by MasterCard and VISA cards in the internet shops - how safe is it?

    Micha Borrman, of the company SySS in his report "Internet, CVV2 and fraud detection systems," analyzes common vulnerabilities in the security systems of online stores that use payment cards, MasterCard and VISA as a payment method.

    The smartphone sends SMS by itself, and the money debited from the account?

    Marcus Niemietz raises the current topic of attacks on mobile phones (in particular, popular smartphones running Android). His report is called "Hijacking Attacks on Android Devices". Marcus, author of the book "Clickjacking and UI-Redressing", promises to demonstrate at the conference one or two 0day-attacks and a lot of practical experiments.

    What can LulzSec teach society?

    An analysis of the activities of the hacker group LulzSec, which has consistently compromised servers of the CIA, Sony, Arizona, and British police UBOP - SOCA, will be conducted by Jerry Gamblin in his report "What We Can (and Should) Learn from LulzSec." Jerry is an expert in information security for the Missouri State House of Representatives.

    Are printers not only dangerous for trees?

    Andrei Kostin will report on the unusual ability of printing devices and attacks using the PostScript language in the report "PostScript: Danger ahead! / Hacking MFPs, PCs and beyond..." Andrei is the winner of many gems in the field of information security.

    Can programs fight, like in the movie "The Matrix"?

    Igor Kotenko, head of the SPIIRAS laboratory of computer security problems, will report on "The cyber-warfare of software agents."

    How to automate the search for vulnerabilities?

    Nikita Tarakanov and Alexander Bazhanyuk will present their report "A tool to automatically search for vulnerabilities." Nikita and Alexander are the founders of the information security company CISS RT.

    Keynote speaker.

    The legendary expert on security, Bruce Schneier, will appear for the first time in Russia at PHDays-2012. Bruce Schneier is the author of dozens of codes along with six books, among which the bestseller "Applied Cryptography" has been translated into Russian.

    The forum will also include training sessions and master classes.

    The PHDays Forum, organized by Positive Technologies, will take place in Moscow on May 30-31. Independent experts in IS will all meet in one place: hackers, representatives of state and of big business. The program includes - CTF Competition, hacking competitions, master classes, workshops, seminars, round tables and discussions.

    You could join the speakers at PHDays!

    Until April 16 anyone can send a request to participate in the forum - we are interested in the actual, original and resonant themes in information security. For more information about the rules - CFP.

    Young scientists and students also have the opportunity to present their ideas and discoveries, speaking on the same site, together with well-known gurus of information security. The "Young School" competition has been organized especially for them.

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