Cyberpunk Devourers Night

  • May 14, 2014

    Many occupations are described in literature and cinemas. There are songs about pilots and scientists, films about sailors and doctors, novels about killers and bankers. However, millions of coders and other computer specialists get undeservedly little attention in the mass culture. You will hardly find a really worthwhile book or film about hackers.

    But that’s unfair! Just think about admins —no company can do without them. People run computer programs on their smartphones even more often than they talk to their family members. Where in the world are inspiring stories about people who create and hack digital universes?

    Cyberpunk Devourers Night at PHDays will fill this cultural gap. We’ll start with the project Model Dlya Sborki (or MDS, literally “a model kit”), which is popular for their radio performances of science fiction pieces. MDS prepared a special program for PHDays attendees: reading of funky stories accompanied by groovy music tracks that cause bright, unparalleled hallucinations…. Wait, hallucinations are not guaranteed, there are individual differences, you know. Some people get high listening to Bach J

    After this audio performance, the night cinema hall will open its doors. The program is kept secret, but here’s a hint for you: both spatial and time boundaries will expand. For example, there’ll be films about the space — a new field for hackers, isn’t it? Old and even silent movies will be shown! There’s an opinion that cyberpunk was much cooler in the early 20th century than it is now. You are invited to come and check it out!

    One more thing, a bar will be open in the cinema hall all night long to create the ambience and fuel your aesthetic sensitivity.

    You are welcome on May 21, from 22:30 till morning in the Conference Hall.

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