Positive Hack Days III Online Competitions

  • May 21, 2013

    If, for some reason, you will not be able to visit the venue of Positive Hack Days on May 23 and 24, this doesn’t mean you should miss the opportunity to participate. Thanks to the competition program of the forum, anyone will have a chance to compete with contestants from all over the world during exciting online Positive Hack Days III challenges.

    Best Reverser

    The purpose of the contest is to demonstrate good knowledge in analysis of executable files for Microsoft Windows. The contestants will be offered to generate a code that will successfully pass validation in a special program. It is only possible to enter another code after the successful validation of the previous one. You can use any method that complies with the law of the Russian Federation.

    The participant who is the first to generate three valid codes and to provide the jury with a concise description of the process of obtaining the codes, will be the winner. The participants who accomplish the task later than the winner, and those who generate two codes or even one, have a chance to take prize-winning places according to the jury's decision. The contest will last for two days during the forum.

    Hash Runner

    Hash Runner challenges the competitors’ knowledge of cryptographic hash algorithms and skills of cracking password hash functions. К конкурсу допускается любой интернет-пользователь. Any Internet user can participate in the competition. You can register via the website phdays.com (the registration is in full swing!). The competition will last through the forum days.

    Competitive Intelligence

    The competition will enable participants of the forum to discover how quickly and accurately they can find useful information on the Internet. The competition web page will contain questions concerning a certain organization, information about which can be found online. The task of the competition participants is to find as many correct answers to the questions as possible in the shortest time. The results will be announced at the end of the second day of the forum.

    PHDays III Online HackQuest

    The PHDays 2013 program will include Online HackQuest, a competition for the Internet users that offers participants to try their hands at solving various information security tasks.

    The participants will be provided with access to the site with a list of tasks. The tasks are grouped according to their type and level of difficulty. Once a task is solved, the participant obtains a key (flag) to submit to the jury via a special form. If the flag is valid, the participant will score an appropriate number of points. The participant who scores the maximum points quicker than others becomes the winner.

    The competition is open for any Internet user. You can register on the PHDays website (hackquest.phdays.com), from the moment the forum starts. The contest will be held for two days, during the forum.

    The winners of the contest (first, second, and third participant) will receive prizes from the PHDays organizers (Positive Technologies) and the sponsors of the forum.

    The registration is at its high! Do not miss the chance to demonstrate your skills and have a great time.

    Details on competitions and prizes are available on the official Positive Hack Days web site. 

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