Theory, Practice, and Minimum Ceremonies — PHDays III Program Published

  • May 21, 2013

    The international forum on information security Positive Hack Days III will start in two days! Today you have a possibility to learn the final event program, which consists, as it was last year, of two parts — the conference and hacking contests.

    The conference includes:

    - Reports covering various information security issues (and not only), which will be delivered by the leading experts such as Marc Heuse, Travis Goodspeed, Nick Galbreath (IPONWEB), Vladimir Vorontsov (ONsec), Michel Oosterhof (RSA EMC).

    - Workshops supervised by well-known specialists, who will share their experience in solving various information security problems.

    - Business sections, discussions with experts from different countries, as part of which the most urgent information security issues (from cybercrime to the role of the youth in the industry development) will be talked over.

    - Hands-on labs intended for specialized audience, which will be held by recognized practicing experts.

    - Fast Track reports with more than fifteen short talks covering very interesting information security issues.

    All the PHDays reports and workshops are ranged according to difficulty levels.

    Level 100: reports, workshops, or seminars intended for wide audience.

    Level 200: reports include specific information, which may be difficult to understand relying on general knowledge only.

    Level 300: the target audience is specialists with profound knowledge and practical experience in information security.

    See the details on the official website.

    Contests program:

    - The Labyrinth is a hacking attraction, a real obstacle course, the participants of which will need to get over the laser field and motion detectors, open secret doors, clear the room of bugs, combat with artificial intelligence, and render a bomb harmless.

    - Choo Choo Pwn is a contest related to hacking of SCADA systems, which control railway traffic on a specifically built railroad. A unique opportunity to derail a train without any disastrous effect.

    - Leave ATM Alone, in the course of which the visitors can try themselves in searching and exploiting vulnerabilities in ATMs.

    - Hash Runner is a contest, in the course of which the Internet users will demonstrate their knowledge of cryptographic hash algorithms and skills in cracking password hash functions.

    - Best Reverser is one more online contest. The participants will need to demonstrate good knowledge in analysis of executable files for Microsoft Windows.

    The full list of contests, which will be held during the forum, is available on the PHDays website.

    Moreover, the forum will see the epic battle of hackers PHDays III CTF. In the course of the contests created in the CTF (Capture the Flag) format, 10 teams from 7 countries will defend their networks and attack competitors' systems. As usual, the organizers of PHDays CTF have developed a special legend, according to which the infrastructure will be changed, to add a special appeal to the competition.

    P. S. You can download the program in PDF on the PHDays website. 

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