The NetHack Qualifying Round Ends

  • May 20, 2013

    For a week, from May 7 to 15, hackers from all over the world were engaged in a fierce struggle during the NetHack competition. The participants needed to demonstrate their skills in obtaining control over network infrastructure via exploiting misconfiguration of the equipment.

    One hundred and twenty-six solutions for the competition task were offered: the Positive Technologies experts in network security received 14 letters a day on average and evaluated the solutions. Eight finalists who showed the best results have been defined: eJay,Melange, VeDoK, st.As, Volt, marsei, Foxter, Platon

    The finalists will get invitations to Positive Hack Days III and keepsakes. Congrats!

    In the final (which will take place at the forum on May 24 at 3.00 pm) the goal is to obtain access to the game network during a limited period of time, then get to the unrouted segment that contains a certain automated system and to obtain access to that system. The winner will be awarded a special prize by Cisco, a technological partner of the forum.

    See you at PHDays! 

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