How to Join

How to Join

There are several ways you can join PHDays V.

Apply as a Speaker

Win a free pass to PHDaybs as a speaker! Apply now through our Call For Papers. We are looking for speakers who have engaged in a research study in the field of information security, broadly defined. Apply now through our Call for Papers.

Win The Contest

Demonstrate your skills in security assessment of information systems by participating in hacking and protection contests taking place in May, shortly before the event starts. Check back for details on how to enter—and what it takes to win!

Present Your Report's Abstract for PHDays Young School

If you are young but already an experienced specialist in information security, take part in this information security competition of young scientists. Winners of the qualifying stage are invited to PHDays IV to present results of their research to the world's leading information security experts.

Join PHDays Everywhere

Connect your hackspace, study group or University to the Moscow Venue to communicatewith speakers, apply your skills in the online contests, share your research results during the fast track sessions and even lead your own workshop. You can also live stream the event, click here for more details. To learn more, click here.